Our SENDCo is Miss Phoebe Firth.

For all SEND queries, please email the school office at who will forward this on to Miss Firth. Thank you.

Below is an extract from our SEND Information Report.

How do we know if a pupil needs extra help?

At English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy, early identification of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is a priority. Initially, concerns may be raised through observations and discussions between parents/carers or staff members working with the child. The school also largely uses progress measures as a way of identifying that a child requires extra help, and identifying and supporting pupils with SEND is discussed termly at pupil progress meetings between class teachers and the Headteacher. The signs that class teachers look for and discuss with the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) are if children under their care:

  • experience communication and/or interaction problems and make little or no progress despite receiving the quality first teaching and a differentiated curriculum
  • make very little or almost no progress over a sustained period despite receiving quality first teaching
  • work at considerably lower than year group and/or age related expectations
  • have profound difficulties in developing English or mathematical foundational skills
  • show persistent social, emotional or behavioural difficulties which impedes their learning
  • have sensory/physical problems, and make little progress despite the provision of specialist support and/or equipment

What should you do if you think your child needs extra support?

If you think your child requires additional support, or may have special educational needs, please make an appointment to discuss these issues, in the first instance, with your child’s class teacher. They are usually available at the end of each school day or an appointment can be made if you feel you require a longer discussion. He or she will then work closely with the school’s SENCo to assess your child’s needs as well as ensure quality first teaching and any appropriate interventions are in place. Class teachers will be in regular conversation with parents/carers to feedback on any strategies put in to place. The class teacher and/or SENCo may arrange a further meeting with you if they feel that your child may need additional special educational needs support.

In terms of the prospective Reception cohort, we endeavour to make contact with current pre-school provision. We then work with this setting and the families to identify any new or emerging needs if they are apparent at this stage in their development. This leads to a supported transition period including teacher discussions, meetings, observations and additional transition visits, if this is feasible.