Diocesan Canonical Inspection Report

Catholic schools, as part of the mission of the Church, are challenged by the Gospel to affirm their pupils’ basic goodness, to promote their dignity and to develop their gifts to the full.

Schools are challenged to educate people to live responsibly for the fullness of life that God wills for each of us.

The most recent Diocesan Canonical Inspection of our school took place in 2020. The full report can be accessed by clicking on the document below:

We were rated OUTSTANDING in all areas.

English Martyrs’ Canonical Inspection Report 2020

English Martyrs’ Canonical Inspection Report 2015

“English Martyrs’ is an outstanding school which successfully lives out its mission to light up the lives of the pupils who attend the school and beyond.  Parents say that the faith development at English Martyrs’ is ‘stitched into its fabric’. Pupils recognise and appreciate how the Catholic mission improves them as individuals and leads them towards a happier life.” DCI Report 2020