Chaplaincy is an important part of Catholic Life at English Martyrs’ and shapes our faith by leading us in a variety of prayer sessions and worship. We are very fortunate in our school since we have Chaplaincy support from The Becket and Joe Hopkins, as well as Mrs McElhone and Miss Pugh. The Chaplaincy Team are very well respected and take great pride in helping younger children in the school learn more about prayer, worship, planning and delivering liturgies, Saints and Feast days.

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Chaplaincy Team

This year, we had 21 children apply for Chaplaincy Team – far more than we’ve ever had before.

To continue developing and expanding Chaplaincy further, we thought it was only fair for all children that applied to have the opportunity to be part of our Year 6 Chaplaincy team.

Therefore, our Chaplaincy Team has been split into three teams, that have been closely linked to the Year of the Word: Litrugy Team (Celebrating the word), Gospel Team (Living the Word) and Prayer team (Sharing the Word).

Liturgy Team Responsibilities

Celebrating the Word

  • Supporting teachers and children in planning and delivering collective worship.
  • Organising and tidying the Liturgy trolley.
  • Planning and writing the Chaplaincy newsletter.
  • Plan, prepare and create Chaplaincy display.
  • Evaluate Tuesday and Friday liturgies using the evaluation form.
  • Educate children on how to plan and evaluate liturgies.

Gospel Team Responsibilities

Living the Word

  • Ensuring teachers and children are aware of any Catholic Life/Collective Worship/RE events.
  • Educate children on our Liturgical year.
  • Ensuring the RE standards are outstanding e.g. RE books and RE displays
  • Promote Bishop Patrick’s Three Spiritual Themes and update display.
  • Plan, prepare and create Chaplaincy display.

Prayer Team Responsibilities

Sharing the Word

  • Regularly evaluating prayer corners in every classroom and giving feedback to teachers.
  • Creating your own prayer stations inside and outside the school.
  • Facilitating a prayer club at lunch time.
  • Parents evening prayer station in the LIGHT
  • Educate children on our Liturgical year and any events taking place e.g. Month of Mary.

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