Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Mrs Lawrence’s class page! We are a Year 5 class of 28 pupils.

Our Gospel Value

Our class Gospel Value is truth. Our class Gospel Value is Truth. Being truthful means being honest. We can often be nervous about telling the truth, but the effort is always worth it. We know that parents and teachers may be sad or disappointed by something that happened, but they always want us to tell the truth and will be proud of us for this. Jesus told us the truth about God and about ourselves. It is the Church’s mission to spread the truth or the word of God.

Our Class Charity

Our class charity is the National Autistic Society. Their mission is to transform lives by providing support for the 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, as well as their three million family members and carers. They also aim to change attitudes by improving understanding of autism and helping create more autism-friendly spaces, deliver better services and improve laws.

Being prepared for school each day

Children will need their waterproof coat, a bottle filled with water, a bag for reading books and homework and a packed lunch (if required). Pencil cases and other school equipment will be provided for children by school. It is important that we limit what is being brought into school, so pencil cases and other accessories from home won’t be needed.

Break and lunch times

Children have one breaktime in the morning. For this time, they are welcome to bring a healthy snack with them to eat during break.

Mrs Lawrence – Class Teacher

Mrs Chambers, Mrs Kent and Mrs Shaw – Teaching Assistants

How can we stay healthy?

In Year 5 and 6, we are currently learning about how we can stay healthy, with the overarching question of the term being: ‘How can we stay healthy?’. Our subject driving the topic is PSHE, where we’re looking at the risks and effects of drugs, as well as peer pressure and influences. Science also helps us to answer the overarching question, since we’re looking into the circulatory system, food and nutrients to keep us healthy and the effect of diet and exercise on our body. As our topic is all about medicine and keeping healthy, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to read the book: George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Children will be exploring this book over the coming weeks, writing poems, journalistic reports, persuasive texts and balanced arguments.

We have got a lot to be excited about this term with lots of new knowledge being taught, World Book Day and Science week to mention a few!

This information is currently being updated.


Please ensure children have their PE kit in school every day and that all items are clearly labelled. Children will now get changed at school on a Friday morning. Y5/6 will have PE on and Friday and children will now get changed at school in the morning. May we remind you that this consists of a plain white t-shirt, blue shorts/skirt, plimsolls or trainers. A plain dark tracksuit may be worn for outdoor lessons. Also, a gentle reminder that earrings need to be removed for PE lessons, therefore ensure children come to school without their earrings or ensure your child can take out and put them back in after the PE lesson.

Meet the Staff for this Class

Mrs Lawrence

Mrs Chambers

Mrs Kent

Mrs Shaw

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